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 We shampoo every dog twice, the first shampoo removes primarily surface dirt the second shampoo gets the deep down dirt and oil which is why they smell good longer! Nail trimming and filling and dremeling.  Shaving the hair out of the pads of their feet, so less dirt is tracked into your home.  Clipping potty patches so that they stay clean longer. We evaluate the coats to determine the best shampoo: whitening, medicated, conditioning, oatmeal and flea are just a few.  Expression of anal glands . Cleaning and plucking of ears (if we suspect an ear infection we will let you know). Our policy is that if we notice anything unusual (fleas, warts, moles, tumors, abrasions or even clipper irritation) we give you a report. We have a staff of 11 different grooming stylists: I'm proud to say some of Indy's finest. We all have our breeds that we specialize in so when you make your appointment we will schedule you where you'll be happiest. We want feed back! Let us know if you want shorter or longer, squared off or rounded, it is the feed back that allows us to give you exactly what you like (when its possible). When a request is not possible we will explain why it can't be done and what your alternatives are. It's very simple "We care" 

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Broad Ripple Canine Design

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